Intensifying urban life together with shrinking living spaces...Thanks to practical solutions, all set in place. Futon philosphy has two keystones: Functionality and aesthetics.

There is just enough space to meet your needs in the shrinking living spaces. As Futon, we aim to provide practical yet aesthetic solutions to your living rooms, summerhouses or even offices. We use the best materials in our products to make it durable for long term utilisation. 

Our growth approach requires continuous development by updating ourselves with contemporary practices in every function from production to planning and from sales to logistics. Our working culture aims to create a large happy family with happy employees and happy customers which we believe is key for higher efficiency. Thanks to our working culture, we believe we constitute solid affliations with both internal and external stakeholders.  

We adopt the vision to place Turkish furniture industry successfuly in international markets and in line with this vision, Futon continuously widens its sales network abroad.

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İzmir Pancar Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 14. Cadde No:11, 35210 Torbalı/İzmir
+90 (850) 522 5729